Desktop IconThe Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) subgroup draws on and connects diverse stakeholders interested in digital record-keeping methods. This subgroup collects information about the tools available and the Harvard affiliated institutions using them and makes that information accessible and usable to inform researchers’ decision-making and tool selection.

2021 Goals

  1. Establish a partnership with an external organization to ensure regular maintenance of the ELN matrix and related pages
  2. Encourage researcher uptake and utility of digital record-keeping tools by disseminating information about the tools, resources, and practices supported by Harvard University and Harvard Medical School
  3. Establish a community of practice among Harvard-affiliated institutions by developing a network of relevant experts and stakeholders, to share information and practices related to ELN deployments and use cases
  4. Explore and evaluate new opportunities for the adoption and/or technical support of specific digital record-keeping tools, to support institutional decision-making


  • 2020

    1. ELN Matrix operations: clarification of ELN definition and ELN Matrix purpose green check mark indicating complete
    2. Track and present information about Harvard affiliates ELN pilots and rollouts green check mark indicating complete
    3. Identify primary ELN contacts at each institution within our community to enhance communication and referrals green check mark indicating complete
    4. Collect information on community institutional ELN experiences to support and advise Research Workflow Infrastructure (RWI) identification of relevant tools and pilots for the HMS Quad green check mark indicating complete
    5. Disseminate information about HMS Quad pilots and rollouts to ensure researcher uptake and utility
  • 2019

    1. ELN Matrix operations: support and updates; ELN consultation green check mark indicating complete
    2. Support university initiative: Harvard University RSpace green check mark indicating complete
    3. Explore Harvard Library Open Science Framework (OSF) green check mark indicating complete
    4. Pursue Evernote License to improve Security for existing Evernote ELN users  
    5. Support for local ELN initiatives green check mark indicating complete 
    6. Exploration of computational notebooks green check mark indicating complete