BenchlingSummary from Vendor: Benchling offers a modern approach to note-taking. Its collaboration features; integration with Benchling's Bioregistry and Sample Tracking, Molecular Biology Suite, and Workflow Tools; rich search functions; and intuitive user interface encourage usage, so scientists can focus on the science.

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Features & Specifications

  • Interactivity

    Interface functionality

    Search functions can search across file formats and beyond typos

    • Able to search for documents within the platform
    • Able to search beyond file formats
    • Able to search beyond typographical errors
    • Transparency of file structure


    Ability to manipulate files and images

    • Yes. Can manipulate all, including other attachments dragged into the notebook


    Support for multiple open windows

    • Yes


    Ability to link out

    • Yes
  • Support for Researcher Documentation

    Documentation and metadata creation

    Hyperlink Support

    • Yes


    Metadata Creation Prompts

    • Yes


    Rights Management (Licensing)

    • No. Benchling follows industry best practices around encryption and security. You have strict access control over your data, and everything is regularly backed up. You own all of your data, period.


    Protocol Integration

    • Yes
  • Adaptability to Lab Workflows

    Platform compatibility

    Accounts/Permissions Levels

    • Yes


    Internal Data Sharing

    • Yes


    Adaptable to a Variety of Workflows

    • No information provided


    Compatibility with authoring tools

    • Yes


    Windows Compatible    

    • Yes


    Macintosh Compatible

    • Yes


    Linux Compatible

    • Yes


    Android Compatible    

    • Yes


    iOS Compatible    

    • Yes
  • Storage

    Available data storage options

    Cloud Storage    

    • Yes


    Local Storage    

    • No


    Hybrid (cloud/local) Storage

    • No



    • Tracking, backup, storage, audit trail capability


    File Redundancy

    • No information provided


    Creates stable URLs or persistent identifiers for entries

    • Yes


    Can unregistered users access the data found at persistent links?

    • Yes

    Storage Capacity - Users

    • No information provided


    Storage Capacity - Max File Size

    • No information provided
  • Hosting

    Software access


    • Yes



    • No


    Hybrid (combination of cloud and local)    

    • No
  • Support

    Training and maintenance offered


    • Administrator, user, in-person



    • FAQs, video tutorials, instructions, troubleshooting, quick-start instructions


    Data Migration from Other Systems (incoming migration)

    • Yes, especially PDFs and Evernote


    Compatibility with data repositories

    • Yes, especially Dropbox and Google Drive


    Exit Strategies (outgoing migration)

    • Yes, there is a plan in place to export data if the service can no longer offer support.


    Recovery Options

    • Technical team recovers data


    Single Sign-on (Institutional ID)

    • Yes


    Number of Installations per institution

    • No limit


    Multiple client use

    • Yes

    Number of registered Harvard/HMS users

    • No information provided


    Other higher-education users

    • Over 10,000 higher-education users
  • Security

    Compliance with Harvard security

    Harvard Security Levels

    • Up to and including Level 5


    Backdoor accessibility

    • Yes
  • Other

    Additional features

    Open Science/Open Data Efforts

    • No, but it is free for academics


    Academically Oriented

    • Yes


    Cost (per seat)    

    • Free


    Dictation/voice input

    • No


    Data Entry

    • Users can upload files directly from their computer or through OneNote, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Any attachments uploaded can be manipulated within the notebook.


    Platform Integrations

    • No information provided
  • Tiers of Services

    Features and costs associated


    • Cost: Free
    • Access to all analysis tools and future updates
    • Chat support



    • Cost: Contact Benchling
    • Access to all analysis tools, enterprise-grade registration and workflow management features, and future updates
    • Unlimited storage
    • 24/7 direct line support
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Virtual Private Cloud
    • Electronic witnessing
    • Administrative dashboard
    • Professional services: Importing Data, Training, Implementation, Integrations, Customizations