LabfolderSummary from Vendor: Labfolder is an electronic lab notebook that enables researchers to record findings and make new discoveries. By reinventing the traditional paper lab notebook, our productivity & collaboration platform makes it easier to create, find, share, discuss & validate research data as a team.

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  • Interactivity

    Interface functionality

    Search functions can search across file formats and beyond typos

    • Able to search for documents within the platform
    • Able to search beyond file formats
    • Able to search beyond typographical errors
    • Transparency of file structure


    Ability to manipulate files and images

    • Can manipulate text, spreadsheets and images.
    • Can manipulate some elements of other data sets


    Support for multiple open windows

    • Yes


    Ability to link out

    • Yes
  • Support for Researcher Documentation

    Documentation and metadata creation

    Hyperlink Support

    • Yes


    Metadata Creation Prompts

    • Yes


    Rights Management (Licensing)

    • Yes. Users permanently remain the legal owner of any data authored and uploaded to Labfolder.
    • All data will be accessible unless it is shared or access permissions are granted to others to others, including Labfolder.


    Protocol Integration

    • Yes
  • Adaptability to Lab Workflows

    Platform compatibility

    Accounts/Permissions Levels

    • Yes


    Internal Data Sharing

    • Yes


    Adaptable to a Variety of Workflows

    • Yes. Labfolder has been designed to accommodate custom workflows.


    Compatibility with authoring tools

    • Yes 


    Windows Compatible    

    • Yes


    Macintosh Compatible

    • Yes


    Linux Compatible

    • Yes


    Android Compatible    

    • Yes


    iOS Compatible    

    • Yes
  • Storage

    Available data storage options

    Cloud Storage    

    • Yes


    Local Storage    

    • Yes


    Hybrid (cloud/local) Storage

    • Yes



    • Offers user tracking, backup, and storage.
    • All alterations to Material Databases are recorded as different versions.
    • If other users mention an item in your entry, that reference will always link to the version of the item that was used, regardless of how many times it was changed afterward.
    • Every action in Labfolder is timestamped and compliant with all major laboratory standards.
    • All versions are recorded in a complete audit trail, also collecting IP address, user, nature of action, and option to revert to an earlier version.


    File Redundancy

    • Yes


    Creates stable URLs or persistent identifiers for entries

    • Yes


    Can unregistered users access the data found at persistent links?

    • No. Must be a registered user


    Storage Capacity - Users

    • Free version: 3 GB per user
    • Advanced cloud version: 300 GB
    • Private Advanced Version: Unlimited storage


    Storage Capacity - Max File Size

    • 25 MB per file
  • Hosting

    Software access


    • Yes



    • Yes


    Hybrid (combination of cloud and local)    

    • Yes
  • Support

    Training and maintenance offered


    • Administrator, user, in-person, implementation support, IT support



    • FAQs, support forum, video tutorials, instructions, troubleshooting, "quick-start" instructions, live webinars


    Data Migration from Other Systems (incoming migration)

    • Yes. Users can upload legacy data from previous storage systems, as well as implementation for integrations of other software through Labfolder's API. 


    Compatibility with data repositories

    • Yes: Mendeley, figshare, Dropbox, LabFolder API.


    Exit Strategies (outgoing migration)

    • Yes. Database migrations including XHTML or PDF export by users, and from tech support.


    Recovery Options

    • Offers database backup and recovery strategies. Installation of redundant server options and disaster recovery included.


    Single Sign-on (Institutional ID)

    • Yes


    Number of Installations per institution

    • Unlimited


    Multiple client use

    • Yes


    Number of registered Harvard/HMS users

    • 40+ users


    Other higher-education users

    • Many across Europe, Canada, and the United States.
  • Security

    Compliance with Harvard security

    Harvard Security Levels

    • Bank level security with numerous additional security measures, certifications, and compliance standards met.
    • Up to and including Level 5


    Backdoor accessibility

    • Yes
  • Other

    Additional features

    Open Science/Open Data Efforts

    • Links to open data repositories


    Academically Oriented

    • Yes


    Cost (per seat)    

    • $15 per user per month


    Dictation/voice input

    • No


    Data Entry

    • Supports the importation of all file types.
    • Microsoft Word and Excel can be imported and manipulated within the ELN.
    • API available to easily integrate with other platforms and programs from which to migrate data.


    Platform Integrations

    • Mendeley, figshare, Dropbox, Labfolder API
  • Tiers of Service

    Features and costs associated

    Free Version

    • Cost: $0 cloud hosting
    • Features
      • Supports up to 3 researchers
      • Unlimited entries & projects
      • 3 GB of storage
      • Free backups


    Academic Use

    • Cost: $15 per user per month cloud hosting     
    • Features
      • Group management
      • Unlimited subgroups
      • Custom rights and roles
      • Advanced share settings
      • 300 GB cloud storage per user included
      • Training
      • 24/7 support
      • Advanced share settings
      • Sign and witness
      • XHTML export for data archiving


    Industry Use

    • Cost: Cloud and stand-alone servers available. Quotes upon request.
    • Features
      • Group management
      • Unlimited subgroups
      • Custom rights and roles
      • Advanced share settings
      • Unlimited local server storage
      • 300 GB cloud storage per user included
      • Training
      • 24/7 support
      • Advanced share settings
      • Sign and witness
      • XHTML export for data archiving
      • FDA CFR 21 part 11 compliance
      • ISO 9001, 13458, 15189, 107025 compliance
      • GLP and GMP compliance
      • Personalized onboarding
      • Local server installation
      • IT support