Pillar ScienceSummary from Vendor: Pillar Science is an all-in-one research integration platform. It offers all the functionalities of a modern electronic lab notebook (ELN) and can be automatically connected your actual lab workflow. It also does much more than a traditional ELN: Pillar Science includes tools to create customizable charts, statistical analyses, scientific posters, reserve equipment and even produce financial reports.

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Features & Specifications

  • Interactivity

    Interface functionality

    Search functions can search across file formats and beyond typos

    • Able to search for documents within the platform
    • Able to search beyond file formats
    • Able to search beyond typographical errors
    • Transparency of file structure


    Ability to manipulate files and images

    • Text documents and spreadsheets can be manipulated


    Support for multiple open windows

    • Yes


    Ability to link out

    • Yes
  • Support for Researcher Documentation

    Documentation and metadata creation

    Hyperlink Support

    • Yes


    Metadata Creation Prompts

    • Yes


    Rights Management (Licensing)

    • Yes


    Protocol Integration

    • Yes
  • Adaptability to Lab Workflows

    Platform compatibility

    Accounts/Permissions Levels

    • Yes


    Internal Data Sharing

    • Yes


    Adaptable to a Variety of Workflows

    • Yes


    Compatibility with authoring tools

    • No


    Windows Compatible    

    • Yes


    Macintosh Compatible

    • Yes


    Linux Compatible

    • Yes


    Android Compatible    

    • Yes


    iOS Compatible    

    • Yes
  • Storage

    Available data storage options

    Cloud Storage    

    • Different storage locations available (US, Canada, Europe and more).


    Local Storage    

    • Yes


    Hybrid (cloud/local) Storage

    • Yes



    • Yes


    File Redundancy

    • Yes


    Creates stable URLs or persistent identifiers for entries

    • Yes


    Can unregistered users access the data found at persistent links?

    • Yes

    Storage Capacity - Users

    • No limit


    Storage Capacity - Max File Size

    • No limit
  • Hosting

    Software access


    • Yes



    • Yes


    Hybrid (combination of cloud and local)    

    • Yes
  • Support

    Training and maintenance offered


    • Webinar customized trainings are offered to new users.



    • Both for users and for the public API. A knowledge based is available. It includes quick start instructions, articles and videos. Email and phone support are also available.


    Data Migration from Other Systems (incoming migration)

    • We can also integrate and extend from existing systems instead of migrating.


    Compatibility with data repositories

    • Yes


    Exit Strategies (outgoing migration)

    • All data and files created in the platform are in open format such as .csv or .svg


    Recovery Options

    • Data are replicated three times. The default mode is ‘soft deletion’ which means that all files can be kept for recovery purposes even after being erased.


    Single Sign-on (Institutional ID)

    • Yes


    Number of Installations per institution

    • No limit


    Multiple client use

    • Yes

    Number of registered Harvard/HMS users

    • No 


    Other higher-education users

    • Yes
  • Security

    Compliance with Harvard security

    Harvard Security Levels

    • Up to and including Level 5


    Backdoor accessibility

    • No
  • Other

    Additional features

    Open Science/Open Data Efforts

    • All data created or converted are saved in an open format. Users are encouraged to share their data as much as possible with the community


    Academically Oriented

    • The workflow and the pricing is optimized for academics.


    Cost (per seat)    

    • $10/month


    Dictation/voice input

    • No


    Data Entry

    • We provide a web spreadsheet. Data can come from Excel-like spreadsheets or can be connected from other data sources (such as a database or a survey program) using our public API.


    Platform Integrations

    • We provide a Dropbox-like application to sync data from any computer or apparatus. We also have a public API that can be used to connect with other systems, software programs or platforms.
  • Tiers of Service

    Features and costs associated


    • Cost: $10/month
    • Automated secure data backup    
    • Spreadsheet editor 
    • Store any kind of data
    • Research protocol editor
    • Centralized and organized research
    • Collaboration and sharing tools
    • 1 TB+ of team storage
    • Advanced access control
    • Advanced help centre
    • Email support



    • Cost: Contact sales
    • Statistics and Charts which allows users to automate the creation of publication-ready charts and compute standard statistical analysis much like you would do in SPSS. No coding required.
    • Poster module which allows to create real-time dashboards with the most recent data visualization. It can be used to create a virtual academic poster similar to what you see in a conference.
    • Network module which allows to communicate and collaborate with other users of the platform based on their expertise.
    • Booking module which allows to reserve equipment and platforms. Equipment usage can be reported to support grants requests.
    • Calendar module which allows to follows experiment completion, important deadlines and trace back data production.
    • Financial systems can be integrated to allow for project-level financial management.