HMS Accellion, Inc. (, is a cloud solutions company focused on secure file sharing and collaboration. Users are able to access, edit, and share enterprise content from any device while maintaining compliance and security.

Kiteworks/KiteDrive is a part of Accellion, which works like collaborating your own cloud. Making file sharing, collaboration and transfer more secure. It is a secure mobile file-sharing product that enables users to work on files and projects remotely. The software integrates with SharePoint, Documentum, Open Text, Home Drive, Windows File Shares, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive.


  • Data size and format:
    • File size limit: You can send individual files up to 2GB in size. If you want to send files or file folders up to 100 GB in size you should contact IT ServiceDesk.


    • Data types and formats hosted: Hosting of common files (csv, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, pdf) and proprietary file formats (e.g. raw image files), secure data transfer.


  • User Data licensing:
    • Each user will be given access to one license. Additional licenses can be granted but the account will be separate. All emails used must be “@hms” domain.
    • Data sharing or receiving is all secure. IT governance, Compliance and Antivirus protect are all built-in to make the sharing more secure.


  • Data access tools:
    • Sharing: Easily share your files with colleagues, business partners, or customers. You control who can see and edit each file.
    • Users can Draft, save and send emails or files to any other email address.
    • Folders can be created by clicking on the “Create Folder” link.
    • Copying and moving files is also very simple
    • New members can be invite to view or edit the files shared.
    • Download: Files can also be downloaded.

For more information on the Accellion visit link.


  • Cost: FREE (with mandatory “@hms” email address requirement)



  • Pros:
    • Mobile access to enterprise content
    • Secure workspaces for file sharing
    • Secure file synchronization
    • Secure file transfer of files unlimited in size
    • File lock/unlock to manage workflow and editing
    • Public, private/on-premise, and hybrid cloud
    • NFS/EMC Atmos storage support
    • Audit trails for files, activity logs for Administrators
    • Secure links to access files
    • Automated file sharing
    • Project/Team collaboration


  • Cons:
    • If a file sent isn’t downloaded within a certain number of days the file link expires and receiver cannot download the file. (The number of days before the File link expires can be set by the sender when sending the file over to the receiver)