Summary from Vendor: Docollab helps teams across various industries to achieve better results through better collaboration. With all your projects, tasks, and files in one place, and with an easy and intuitive interface, all team members can focus on their work instead of dealing with multiple complex tools.

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Search functions can search across file formats and beyond typos

Able to search for documents within the platform 3/3, able to search beyond file formats 3/3, able to search beyond typographical errors 3/3, transparency of file structure 3/3

Ability to manipulate files and images

Can manipulate datasets (diagrams and molecular structures), text documents and spreadsheets; Can manipulate some elements of images

Support for multiple open windows

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Ability to link out

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Support for Researcher Documentation

Hyperlink support

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Metadata Creation Prompts

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Rights Management (Licensing)

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Your content is legally owned by you or by your employer. Docollab does not share your content with third parties.

Protocol Integration

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Adaptability to Lab Workflows

Accounts/Permissions Levels

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Internal Data Sharing

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Adaptable to a Variety of Workflows

No information provided

Compatibility with authoring tools

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Windows Compatible

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Macintosh Compatible

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Linux Compatible

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Android Compatible

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iOS Compatible

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Cloud Storage

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Local Storage

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Hybrid (cloud/local) Storage

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Version tracking applies to additions, modifications, and deletions of the ELN content (e.g. file and document manipulation.) Operations are logged and can be viewed chronologically along with the identity of the user and operation timestamp. File revisions can be viewed and restored from the log.

File Redundancy

No information provided

Creates stable URLs or persistent identifiers for entries

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Can unregistered users access the data found at persistent links?

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Storage Capacity - Users

No limit

Storage Capacity - Max File Size

No limit



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Administrator, user, in-person, administration-wide adoption training


FAQs, video tutorials, instructions, "quick-start" instructions

Data Migration from Other Systems (incoming migration)

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Especially Microsoft Office files

Compatability with data repositories

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Yes, this is customizable

Exit Strategies (outgoing migration)

Docollab allows mass exportation of all organization content to your machine at any time with no vendor lock-in.

Recovery Options

All data is periodically replicated to multiple data centers in different geographic locations. If one data center becomes unavailable, the system switches to another with no loss of data or activity.

Single Sign-on (Institutional ID)

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Number of Installations per institution

No limit
Multiple client use

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Number of registered Harvard/HMS users

No information available

Other higher-education users

Several dozen, including UW Madison, Tufts, and Monash University.

Security levels

Up to and including Level 5
Backdoor accessibility

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Open Science/Open Data Efforts

The Docollab development team contributes to open source projects. Though all data is private by default, users can define public content and make it available via persistent links as open data.

Academically Oriented

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Cost (per seat)

$25/month per team of 5 users

Dictation/voice input

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Data Entry

Supports the importation of all file types, especially Microsoft Office files (Word and Excel). Microsoft Word and Excel files can be manipulated within the ELN. Periodically, editing capabilities for new types of files are added.

Tiers of Service

See below

Platform Integrations

Integration with specific systems can be implemented upon request.


Tiers of Services






Starting from $25 per user per month for a team of 5 users


  • Unlimited Storage
  • Share and collaborate with any other user
  • Own your content and decide who can access it
  • Email support
  • No time limit
  • You own the entire environment - all data, files, and revision history of all users in your team/organization
  • Designated administrator can manage organization users
  • Sharing and collaboration subject to organization policy
  • Different permission levels allow specific users to access content in the organization
  • Mass data export allows for a local backup of all users’ data and files
  • Priority email support, scheduled calls for support and training

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Updated: 2018-02-01

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