Summary from vendor: Labstep is an online tool for scientists, designed to improve life in scientific research. Based on the team’s personal frustrations in the lab, Labstep offers features that streamline research data documentation and sharing. With our cloud-based web app, we are pioneering technology for real-time scientific data recording, reducing researchers’ time and effort and increasing productivity in the lab.

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Search functions can search across file formats and beyond typos

Able to search for documents within the platform 3/3, able to search beyond file formats 3/3, able to search beyond typographical errors 3/3, transparency of file structure 3/3

Ability to manipulate files and images

 All files can be associated with entities on the platform, downloaded to disk whenever needed by user. Images are previewed visually.

Support for multiple open windows

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Ability to link out

Support for Researcher Documentation

Hyperlink support

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Metadata Creation Prompts

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Rights Management (Licensing)

Users own their data – this is company philosophy and policy since founding. Legally, it’s defined in the privacy policy.

Protocol Integration

With step-by-step navigation, the protocols can be executed on desktop or mobile. Protocols contain interactive elements such a timers, and tables for data collection.

Adaptability to Lab Workflows

Accounts/Permissions Levels

Accounts have customisable access rights and permissions.

Internal Data Sharing

Optimised for internal knowledge transfer and collaboration

Adaptable to a Variety of Workflows

green check Labii provides widgets to extend the functionality in ELN & LIMS to meet specific research needs

Compatibility with authoring tools

 Research-area agnostic

Windows Compatible

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Macintosh Compatible

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Linux Compatible

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Android Compatible

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iOS Compatible

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Cloud Storage

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Local Storage

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Hybrid (cloud/local) Storage

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All changes on the platform are tracked, giving a rich audit trail.

File Redundancy

No information provided

Creates stable URLs or persistent identifiers for entries

Can unregistered users access the data found at persistent links?

green check Yes if the content was shared with the public

Storage Capacity - Users


Storage Capacity - Max File Size

25 MB file size upload limit



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Training through demo in-person and online, onboarding support in-person and online, dedicated customer success support


In-app onboarding, FAQs, video tutorials, feature instructions

Data Migration from Other Systems (incoming migrations)

 Supports migration of PDF or JSON data

Compatability with data repositories

Exit Strategies (outgoing migration)

All users can use a “take-away” service to export their data as JSON

Recovery Options

Technical team recovers data

Single Sign-on (Institutional ID)

Number of Installations per institution


Multiple client use

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Number of registered Harvard/HMS users

No information provided

Other higher-education users

More than 600 higher education institutions

/Over 4,000 higher education users


Security levels

Harvard Data Security Level 4. VPN (virtual private network). SOC-compliant data centers. Data transfer encryption. All information is securely transferred (SSL) and backed up daily at several geographical locations.

Backdoor accessibility

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Open Science/Open Data Efforts

Academically Oriented

Cost (per seat)

Free for academics.

Dictation/voice input

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Data Entry

Annotation on the fly – as the user is working their way through a protocols, the annotation is automatically created. Automation via a public Labstep API.

Tiers of Service

See below.
Platform Integrations

Connect and import data from different devices and software applications through the Labstep API.

Tiers of Service      
Level Academia Enterprise Premium
Cost Free €125 per person per month Price determined upon interest
  • Unlimited storage
  • Standard support services

  • Unlimited storage
  • High-priority support services

  • Features training session

  • Complete account setup

  • Laboratory device integration setup

  • Electronic witnessing

  • Hardware provided (tablets)


  • Unlimited storage

  • Features training session

  • Comprehensive onboarding workshop

  • Dedicated customer success manager

  • Complete account setup

  • Project data import services

  • Electronic witnessing

  • Hardware provided (tablets)

  • Bespoke company dashboard

  • Bespoke company login environment


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Updated: 2019-02-11


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