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Data Management

Data Management is the process of providing the appropriate labeling, storage, and access for data at all stages of a research project. We recognize that best practices for each of these aspects of data management can and often do change over time, and are different for different stages in the data lifecycle.

Early and attentive management at each step of the data lifecycle will ensure the discoverability and longevity of your research.

Data Lifecycle

Featured Online Training:

Best Practices for Biomedical  Research Data Management

An open online course aimed at a broad audience on recommended practices for managing research data. Take at your own pace, earn badges and interact with students from around the world!

Featured Online Training:

Understanding the Data Lifecycle for Research Success

An online supplement to an in-person workshop, specifically tailored for Post-Docs. If you are affiliated with Harvard, you may receive a course certificate to promote your time taken on this topic.