This website provides resources and guidance for research data management planning and assistance with elements of data management that will be relevant throughout your career. It provides access to tools and resources, including information on funding agency and institutional requirements, that help you manage your data effectively and prepare it for sharing, and reuse.

The Biomedical Data Lifecycle represents stages of the research process. Click on the sections of our interactive lifecycle to learn about data management elements at each stage.

Plan & Design: Plan processes from onboarding to project closure and data resources

Collect & Create: Organization and integration of data sets and collection processes

Analyze & Collaborate: Processing and analyzing data should be collaborative and documented

Store & Manage: Each stage of the Biomedical Data Lifecycle revolves around the management of data storage

Evaluate & Archive: Identify essential research records and evaluate for retention

Share & Disseminate: Establishing and supporting the reach and impact of your data

Publish & Reuse: Ensuring the broad utility of your research data efforts for other researchers