As technology has advanced, scientists and researchers have dual responsibilities as both innovators and data stewards. It's important to view your data as an essential component of your career.

It is important that the data you produce be sustainable both in your active project work, when you leave Harvard for future opportunities, and to support your continued advancement as a scientist.

Steps to ensure the utility of your efforts as the corpus of your research work continues to grow and diverge:

  • State the importance and create a plan for the data collection effort and of the flow of the data and information before, during, and after the current activities (see Data Management Plans)
  • Share your research products as you progress! You do not need to wait until your final peer-reviewed manuscript to keep refining your work or contributing to the greater scientific community (see Scholarly Products)
  • If leaving project work when you move on from Harvard, ensure you leave appropriate documentation of your work prior to leaving (see RDM Offboarding)