Mendeley Data logoMendeley Data is a free repository specialized for research data. Search more than 20+ million datasets indexed from 1000s of data repositories and collect and share datasets with the research community following the FAIR data principles.

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Features & Specifications

  • Data Size and Format

    File Size Limit:10GB per dataset

    Dataset Size Limit: Mendeley Data datasets for personal accounts have a maximum limit of 10 GB per dataset. However, if your Institution subscribes to Mendeley Data you will have the ability to create datasets up to a maximum size of 100GB. The maximum size will depend on the storage agreement that your institution has.

    Data Types and Formats Hosted: You can upload files of any format

  • Data Licensing

    Waiver: Users can choose from a long list of licenses, with the default being Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

  • Data Attribution and Citation Tools

    Once you have published your data it is given a digital object identifier (DOI) number, making it a citable reference.

    After your dataset has been reviewed, you will receive an email to tell you whether it has been accepted and is publicly visible with an active DOI, or it has been flagged for not complying with the requirements for Mendeley Data datasets.

    Mendeley Data assigns a provisional DOI to draft datasets. The issuing of a permanent DOI for Mendeley Data submitted datasets is carried out by the British Library via DataCite. It is used to make a document/reference uniquely identifiable from any other document/reference when your article is published and made available electronically. The DOI for a document remains fixed over the lifetime of the document.

  • User Access Controls

    Option to Share: Each draft dataset has a share link which you can copy to send to collaborators; they’ll be able to access the dataset metadata and files prior to publishing. When publishing a dataset, a user may choose to defer the date at which the data becomes available (for example, so that it is available at the same time as an associated article).

  • Data Access Tools

    Search: You can search for datasets by keyword, within dataset metadata and data files. You can perform an advanced search using using field codes to target one or more specific fields and / or boolean operators

    Download: You can download all the files within the dataset using the “Download All” button in a Published dataset, which will give you the file size before you start the download and create a zip file with the Dataset name and version. You can see the same structure of the dataset including all the subfolders, within the zip file.

    Proprietary File Format Access: None

    Data Analysis: None

  • Cost


  • Other Features


    • Clean, user-friendly interface
    • All file formats accepted
    • Provides DOI
    • Supports directory structure
    • Optimized for downloading all files at once



    • No support for identifying human information
    • Limited features in terms of sharing, bibliography citation export, and research metrics
    • Moderation step to publish data, causing a delay before your data becomes public
    • 10 GB per dataset