Vivli logoVivli is an independent, non-profit organization that has developed a global data-sharing and analytics platform. Their focus is on sharing individual participant-level data from completed clinical trials to serve the international research community. Users can search listed studies, request data sets from data contributors, aggregate data, or share data of their own. Harvard is a member institution, which provides additional benefits to those that want and need to share clinical trial data.

View an introduction to the platform by Ida Sim, Vivli: A Global Clinical Trial Data Sharing Platform.

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Features & Specifications

  • Data Size and Format

    File Size Limit: Vivli data contributors can share files up to 500 MB. Larger sizes of up to 100T can be accommodated. If your file is larger than 1T, please contact Vivli Support.

    Dataset Size Limit: There is no limit per researcher, and each data contribution is reviewed by Vivli.

    Data Types and Formats Hosted: Data sets are not required to be standardized; however, we highly recommend that data sets be made available in CDISC SDTM (Standard Data Tabulation Model) format to support the most efficient data aggregation, re-use, and sharing. In the future, Vivli will explore the use of Common Data Elements within specific clinical domains.

  • Data Licensing

    Waiver: All data contributors must sign and conform to the Data Contributor Agreement (available upon request), which includes language about intellectual property.

  • Data Attribution and Citation Tools

    • All clinical research that is available for search and request on the Vivli platform is assigned a DataCite Digital Object Identifier (DOI) at the time the metadata for the clinical research data appears in the Vivli search and is available for request.
    • The clinical research dataset is assigned a main DOI with a parent-child data object reference for all data and documents associated with a study’s data package to support data discovery.
  • User Access Controls

    Option to Share: Datasets contributed to Vivli may be made available via various levels of access through download after signing of a Data Use Agreement. Alternatively, data contributors may opt for their data to be made available via a secure access environment only. Additionally, data contributors may opt for data requests to be reviewed by an independent review panel through a partnership with the Wellcome Trust.

  • Data Access Tools


    • The Vivli platform allows users to search through listed studies using three search methods, including a Keyword Search, PICO Search, and Quick Study Look-up.
    • You can combine these tools to find those studies most relevant to your research question.
    • Use the Advanced Search tool to refine your search results.


    • To request data, a researcher or team must first create an account on Vivli and submit a research proposal.

    Proprietary File Format Access

    • Yes, through Vivli’s secure research environment.

    Data Analysis

    • Use robust analytical tools to combine and analyze multiple datasets. Vivli’s secure research environment is a virtual work-space within the Vivli platform where researchers who have been provided access to data, will have remote desktop access to conduct their analysis. Researchers will have access to SAS, STATA, R, Python, Jupyter, and the Microsoft Office suite to enable analysis of shared data sets.
    • If desired, additional analytical tools, data and scripts may be included in a research team’s secure research environment.
  • Costs

    • Harvard University is a member of Vivli, so there is no cost to deposit data in Vivli’s platform starting in 2023.
    • If your academic institution is not a member, there is a one-time cost to use Vivli’s managed access process for clinical research data.
      • Service fee for clinical trial datasets (<500GB): $4,000
      • Larger clinical trial datasets (>500GB): $10,000
    • There are also optional anonymization services provided by Privacy Analytics: $10,000 per dataset
  • Other Features


    • Supports anonymized individual-level patient data in clinical research made available to qualified researchers.
    • Yearly metrics on number of data requests, resulting publications, etc.
    • Open search for trials from any disease, country, sponsor, funding agency, or investigator.


    • Specifically for sharing Clinical Trails conducted by Harvard University users
    • The anonymization of contributed datasets can be challenging and cost-prohibited
    • Sharing of large datasets, potentially with tens of thousands of patients or images is challenging