What is the Data Lifecycle?

The Biomedical Data Lifecycle is a representation of stages that occur in your research in regard to how data is collected, used, and stored. At the core is how to "Store & Manage" the data for your project. How data is managed is integral to each stage in the diagram. Though the process is generally linear from "Plan & Design" to "Access & Reuse", you may find yourself jumping around this lifecycle throughout your project.

Below is a description of the core stages of the inner section of the cycle. The diagram's outer layer shows the submenu name for each of the seven (7) core stages. These represent processes and concepts that are integral to each stage. However, many of the stages overlap.

For example, "Data Use Agreements" are initiated at the planning stage but will be used to some degree in subsequent stages. The agreement dictates how you may use the data, from sharing and dissemination to reuse and final data destruction when the project ends.