Planning your ResearchData lifecycle stage Plan and Design includes the following: Data Management Plans, Data Policies and Compliance, Directory Structures, Roles & Responsibilities, and File Naming Conventions.

Making a data management plan and organizing your data from the beginning will save you time, money, and energy. Many funding agencies require the submission of data management or data sharing plans with grant applications and annual reports.

A Data Management Plan (DMP) details how data will be identifiable, accessible, and documented for deposit, sharing, and reuse. Planning for data management at the beginning saves time and effort later on. You should plan for the entire Biomedical Data Lifecycle when thinking about your project.

Helpful resources for data planning

Research Data Management Onboarding Checklist

A general, research data management-focused guide for employee/trainee onboarding as they join a new lab or begin new projects. This checklist focuses on three main areas of the research project: planning, storage, and sharing. Internal and external links have been provided as supplementary resources, including a glossary of terms.

Research Data Management Lifecycle Checklist

Navigate through the entire lifecycle of a research project guided by quick tasks or complete at every step of the research process. Use this document as a reference checklist to keep track of good research data management elements important to your research project.

Data Management Plan

A Data Management Plan consists of many elements describing the preservation, sharing, and access of your data. If you are applying for a grant, government agencies and private foundations require data management plans and provisions. Utilize the library's resources to help you with data management and planning, and contact us to review your DMP in order to make it stronger and more effective.