The RDM Checklist serves as a reference to keep track of the elements that make up good research data management throughout the RDM lifecycle. The RDM lifecycle is not linear and you may find yourself jumping around this lifecycle throughout your project. You may also enter a project at different stages along the lifecycle.

This document is intended to help you get started integrating data management into your research practice. Using the section prompts, you can identify gaps and communicate elements of data management to members of your research team. It is recommended that you apply this checklist to an individual research project as practices and procedures may vary considerably between projects.

Please note that this resource does not cover every single aspect of RDM. It is likely that certain data management practices specific to your research, your type(s) of data, and your needs are not covered. It is also possible that certain items will not apply to the specific type(s) of data you are working with.

The LMA Research Data Management Working Group is available to assist you. Contact us!

Download the checklist from Open Science Framework