Workflow IconThe Research Workflows and Metadata subgroup seeks to understand how researchers navigate through each stage of the data lifecycle. This project allows the RDMWG a more thorough understanding of how individual labs collect, organize, access and store project data. Using real world examples gathered by the subgroup, the RDMWG will be able to make data management recommendations to other labs who have similar workflows. The subgroup works with researchers to investigate the use of metadata in labs in order to identify best practices, set up directory structures, and make workflow recommendations. This project will educate users on metadata collection and documentation in relation to the data lifecycle.

2021 Goals

  1. Finalize the Knowledge Transfer File Template
  2. Develop and distribute a survey to researchers, gathering information about the types of metadata standards
  3. Investigate utilization of REDCap as a data management database, including an exploration of what local training is available


  • 2020

    1. Complete a consistency review for the On/Offboarding Checklists green check mark indicating complete
    2. Publish On/Offboarding Checklists and update language on website green check mark indicating complete
    3. Revise subgroup name green check mark indicating complete
    4. Work with departments on customized templates green check mark indicating complete
    5. Develop a generalized Knowledge Transfer File template green check mark indicating complete
    6. Continue to collect metadata standards information and tracking green check mark indicating complete
    7. Communication about subgroup products and projects green check mark indicating complete


  • 2019

    1. Officially rollout the completed onboarding documentation for new lab members green check mark indicating complete
    2. Draft, finalize, and rollout the offboarding documentation for exiting lab members green check mark indicating complete
    3. Conduct research on the relevant biomedical metadata standards and update the metadata guides on the Harvard Biomedical Data Management website green check mark indicating complete