Class Materials

Recorded Webinar Video & Slides

Webinar: Advanced OpenRefine

Webinar: Get Your Data Tidy

Webinar: Increasing Your Research Impact

Webinar: Publishing Data with Research

Webinar: Research Collaboration Strategies and Tool

Webinar: Research Data Management Onboarding

Webinar: How to Cite Data

Webinar: Project Management in Dropbox

Webinar: What's in a README?

Webinar: How to Name a File

Webinar: Organize Your Files

Webinar: What is a Data Management Plan?

Webinar: Let's Talk Data

Webinar: Data Management Spelling Bee

Webinar: What is Data Management?

Webinar: Data Cleaning with OpenRefine

Webinar: Research Management with Open Science Framework

Webinar: Building Blocks for Reproducibility

Online Workshop: Introduction to

Webinar: Finding a Home for Your Data

Webinar: Tidy Data is Good Data

Webinar: Version Control Basics

Webinar: Naming Things

Webinar: Metadata Matters

Webinar: Get Your Data Organized

Webinar: Let’s Make Research Data FAIR

Webinar: Data Management in Action

Webinar: Writing a Data Management Plan

Webinar: The Research Data Lifecycle

Past Class Presentation Slides

2020-02-13 Data Slippery Slopes

2020-01-15 Managing Research Data Efficiently

2019-12-18 Data Policy Compliance

2019-11-22 Best Practices for Keeping a Lab Notebook

2019-11-15 Everything you need to know to make your data analysis reproducible

2019-10-31 Data Horror Stories

Data Horror Stories | Check the notes for more tricks and tips!

2019 Data Management Offboarding: Essential Steps for a Smooth Transition

2019 Data Management Onboarding: Procedures for Research Consistency

2019-08-21 Version Control for Scripts, Data and Text documents

2019-08-08 Creating Meaningful Data: Metadata Essentials

2019-07-11 Introduction to High Performance Computing

2019-06-18 Introduction to the Command-line Interface

2019-06-05 Data Lifecycle Management: Experimental Platforms, Design & Analytics (CB321QC Module 6)

Data Lifecycle Management & Workshop Worksheet

2019-06-03 Data Skills: Planning for Research Success

2019-05-22 Essential Steps for Managing Your Research Project

2019-04-11 Data Management for Labs: How to Hit the Ground Running

2019-03-20 Getting Started with Data Management Plans

2019-02-12 Where's My Data?! File Organization for Research

2018-11-16 Digital Tools for the Lab

2018-09-17 Increasing Openness and Collaboration

2018-08-08 Tips and Tools for Data Storage at Harvard

Past Events

2019 Event: Vivli Clinical Research Data Sharing

2019 Love Data Week Event: Research Management Using the Open Science Framework

2018 Love Data Week Event: We Are Data

2018 Love Data Week Event: Stories About Data

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