NIH Figshare Partnership Announced

August 2, 2019
NIH-funded Researchers Invited to Use NIH Figshare

NIH-funded Researchers Invited to Use NIH Figshare

Last week the NIH announced a pilot with the repository figshare to help address issues surrounding data sharing requirements. Researchers often find themselves with a requirement to share data, but are unable to identify a specific repository to use. Providing a new generalist data repository for all NIH-funded researchers helps address this issue, as well as continuing NIH efforts to find a permanent home for all datasets generated by research funded by NIH.

NIH is committed to making datasets resulting from NIH investigator publications more accessible. NIH Figshare is a one-year pilot program to test the usefulness of formally adding generalist data repositories to the NIH data ecosystem.

For more information, visit the FAQs.

NoteFigshare’s announcement mentions working with the Data Curation Network. However, in a response from the DCN: “the Data Curation Network does not have a formal partnership with Figshare, and we are not curating data.”


Additional Respository News: Funded Partnership Brings Dryad and Zenodo Closer

Dryad and Zenodo announced they have received an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant to assist researchers with the deposit of non-article outputs. The organizations want to support seamless workflows and will work to “co-develop new solutions focused on supporting researcher and publisher workflows as well as best practices in data and software curation.”

Instead of working individually to broaden each [of] our scopes, building competitive features, and inefficiently using our limited resources, Dryad and Zenodo will be working together to support more seamless workflows that make the process easier for researchers. 

Explore the Repository Matrix for detailed information on Dryad, Zenodo and other repository options for publishing your data.