Dryad logoDryad is a curated, general-purpose data repository built on open-source software that is intended for sharing and facilitating citation of research data underlying peer-reviewed publications in the basic sciences and medicine. Dryad is a non-profit venture supported in part by data publication charges.

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Features & Specifications

  • Data Size and Format

    File Size Limit:  No specified amount

    Dataset Size Limit:  No specified limit

    Data Types and Formats Hosted:  Data can be in compressed or non-compressed formats, prefers all data to be submitted in non-proprietary, openly-documented formats that are preservation-friendly. Will accept other file types, if they are "community-accepted" format.

  • Data Licensing

    Waiver:  Creative Commons Zero (CC0) Any data submitted will be published under the CC0 license. Do not currently support any other license types, nor allow for restrictions on data access or use


  • Data Attribution and Citation Tools

    Assigns a DOI to the data submission as a whole, suffix is added to the DOI when a data file or dataset is revised to enable version control

  • User Access Controls

    Option to Share:  Can be shared anonymously and securely with editors and reviewers at the subset of journals that have integrated repository into their editorial workflow. After publication, data will be publicly available immediately unless the author or journal has requested an embargo to data release

  • Data Access Tools

    Search:  Free Text Search functionality provided. Machine Readable metadata, primarly consists of keywords and information about the associated publication. Detailed, file-associated metadata are not records and thus not searchable.

    Download:  Individual file downloading, multiple API's for programmatic data and metadata access

    Proprietary File Format Access:  None

    Data Analysis:  None

  • Cost

    $120 data publishing charge per data package (sometimes subsized by the journal that publishes the paper) plus data packages that are over 20GB include an overage fee of $50 for each additional 10GB or part thereof

  • Other Features


    • Researcher can provide data securely and anonymously to editors and reviewers during the peer-review process (if journal is integrated with Dryad)
    • Publicly share data associated with a publication in a central, general data repository
    • Seeking a DOI for a published dataset or group of related datasets


    • Not designed for sharing data that is not associated with a publication
    • Proprietary file types are accessible only to users with access to the necessary software
    • Cost of depositing large datasets may be prohibitive