Scholars increasingly work on collaborative research projects. Collaborative projects often bring together partners across disciplines, institutions, and sectors. These projects present opportunities for innovation but also raise challenges for the development of efficient and effective workflows and the management of data.

There are many tools available that can be used to support these types of projects.

Collaborative Tools

  • Open Science Framework

    Project Management Tool
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    • OSF is a free and open source project management tool that supports researchers throughout their entire project lifecycle.
    • Manage which parts of a project are public or private, making it easier to collaborate and share with the community or just your team.
    • Manage files, data, code, and protocols in one centralized location and easily build custom organization for your project.
    • OSF connects to many other products including Dropbox, GitHub, Google Drive, Zotero, and more!
    • Explore OSF as an ELN or as a Data Repository
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    Optimize Your Research Methods
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    • is a collaborative platform and preprint server for methods and protocols
    • Allows you to create step-by-step detailed, interactive, and dynamic protocols that can be run on mobile or web.
    • This platform is helpful for researchers in any discipline that uses a step-by-step methodology, including life sciences, engineering, chemistry, data science, and computational social sciences.
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    • Premium is available free to Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health users. Find out more and claim your premium account.


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