The DMPTool is web-based and provides basic templates to help you construct a Data Management Plan. Using DMPTool, researchers can access a template, example answers, and guiding resources to successfully write a data management plan for any research project or grant.

Get Started with DMPTool:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Harvard email address in the "Sign in / Sign up" box and click "Continue"
  3. You should receive a prompt that "Your address is associated with: Harvard University ("
  4. Click "Sign in with Institution to Continue" 
  5. Enter your Harvard Key credentials when prompted and click "Sign In"
  6. You should be successfully signed into DMPTool

Once logged in, you may create DMPs for your project using a template for your funding agency or Harvard University project.

  • Export your plan: Plans can be exported into Microsoft Word or PDF formats to include in a grant application.
  • Test plans: If you are just testing, there is an option to create test plans. There is a generic template if you wish to create a plan not associated with any funder.
  • Submit for review: Once you have created your plan, you may seek help from the Harvard Library. Review the Countway Library DMP Review Service or contact Harvard DMPTool Support.

The tool includes 42 templates for federal and private funders:

Create a Plan with the Biomedical DMP Template:

  1. Click “Create Plan” from the top menu
  2. Enter a project title for the research project you are planning
  3. Confirm “Harvard University” is the primary research organization
  4. Select the check box for “No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed”
  5. Choose the "Harvard Medical School Biomedical DMP Template"