The DMPTool is web-based and provides basic templates that can help you construct a Data Management Plan. Using DMPTool, researchers can access a template, example answers, and guiding resources to successfully write a data management plan for any research project or grant.

Get Started with DMPTool:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Sign in” in the top right-hand corner 
  3. Choose Option 1: If your institution is affiliated with DMPTool by clicking “Your institution” 
  4. Select “Harvard University” from the list of participating institutions and click “Go”
  5. Enter your Harvard Key credentials when prompted
  6. You should be successfully signed into DMPTool

Create a Plan with the HMS DMP Template:

  1. Click “Create plan” from the top menu
  2. Enter a project title for the research project you are planning
  3. Confirm “Harvard University” is the primary research organization
  4. Select the check box for “No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed”
  5. Choose the Harvard Medical School DMP Template